launderettes in Dundee

Express laundry in Dundee provide commercial and domestic laundry cleaning in Dundee. We can handle almost any size of load from normal small clothing loads to hotel bulk sheets and linen.

We have large laundry machines at our launderette just 2 minutes from Dundee's City Centre (we are right next to Dundee Uni).

Commercial Laundry Dundee

If you own a business who need laundry services on a regular and large scale, we can hand large loads for hotel linen, hairdressers towels and linen, guest houses linen towels etc..

We can provide a washing, drying and ironing service for all your commercial needs plus we also provide a pickup and delivery service for all of our commercial laundry services.

Laundrette in Dundee (domestic)

Express Laundry are the number one launderette in Dundee for domestic laundry services. We can Wash, Dry and Iron all of your clothing, linen and towels on a same day basis so drop of your clothes before going to work and pick them back up on the way home. Its really that simple.

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